Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Luna Maya heboh Lagi

Download Video Porno Luna Maya - Various comments appeared to respond Eshek-Eshek circulation of videos of lovers like soap opera stars, film and advertising Luna Maya and band vocalist, Ariel.

Since circulating on the internet on Thursday (03/06/2010) night, video sex starts much in demand. Not a few who claimed to have seen the video. However, many also made curious by the video recording.

Quite apart from whether or not the characters in the video it was Luna and Ariel, various comments were popping up. Not a few of the providers believe a comment is correct that the video was Luna and Ariel. However, many doubt that Luna and Ariel will do something stupid like that.

"Berbuatnya's possible yes, tp I am sure they are not so stupid if smp-video-ins at all ...," writes Sam commented videos circulation of news on Friday, June 4, 2010, at 8:45 pm.

Another comment came from someone who wrote his identity as google. In his commentary, written at 7:13 pm, he believed that the lovers are two celebrities whose names are re-emerging after both starred in the soap product advertising.

"Honestly tuh ... .. not very similar really doubt ...," he wrote.

The same is also expressed artduane. He said this: "After watching the movie ... ...:) 99% native-like really ... Luna Ariel ...!!!"

Some people try to be neutral response to the circulation of the video. "Sy is not a fan of Mark, but if true sy believes bhw Mark both did it yes so be it. When it is recorded and then distributed the org other big offender who record and distribute. Try not to become citizens who are Hypocrites. If Mark liked the same love ya let. klo some strong believer yes please do not imitate. But, do not be hypocritical and pretentious moralists aja. " Eli wrote Fidelia.

Support for Ariel and Luna to get married also had one reader expressed Kompas.com named Dwiyani. According to him, the marriage in order to avoid the vicious slander. "True or not who knows God only two people eating it. Than taxable slander continues, why not cepet2 aja marriage, to? Trigger wrinkles, you know!" he wrote.

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